Labrys project

“Labrys” is an immersive dance performance that by its geometrical state and passage of time can be compared with a labyrinth: a place in which one can get lost even if the organisation seems clear. Movement trajectories, as well as the sound of “Labrys”, resemble live tracery simultaneously emerging in space and vanishing. In “Labrys” like in their previous performances, Ieva and Krišjānis try to find ways for art to be experienced from within. This time performers move around the seated audience, in turn, audience members turn around their axis and consequently all mentioned participate in both: observing as well as creating choreography. Movement proposition, organisation, and scenography concept: Krisjanis Sants and Ieva Gaurilcikaite Performed by: Ieva Gaurilcikaite, Jana Jacuka, Krisjanis Sants Sound by: Jekabs Nimanis with coding support by Pavils Jurjans Scenography construction and design support: Lauris Purins, Aleksandrs Lubinskis Video production: Janis Pipars Produced by: Ieva Ozolina and Choreographers Association

Syria project

As part of a transversal cultural diplomacy program that combines classical music and conservation of heritage damaged by armed conflicts (tangible and intangible heritage), Latvian violinist Ilze Kirsanova travelled to Syria from 21 November to 01 December Last. On the initiative of French Architect Bruno Deslandes (Architrāvs) well known for his documentation missions and emergency diagnosis of cultural heritage mutilated by the Islamic State in the areas of wars in Iraq and Syria, this program located in the margins of diplomatic events Major that will take place in Spring 2019 for the future and the reconstruction of these areas. In an approach that wants to be consensual, and is held at a distance from any political and diplomatic consideration, it is to raise awareness of European decision-makers to the situation of Syrian heritage, to allow them to consider the allocation of budgets targeted for its backup. All these performances were filmed by Latvian Director and photographer, Heritage Specialist, Janis Pipars.

Ugis Kugis project

The documentary movie as my Bachelor work for The Latvian Academy of Culture. Film’s main character is a young man, Ugis, who is a popular figure of Riga society. More than once he was noticed in the streets distributing religious books and esoteric content; some may have attracted by his extravagant appearance, maybe someone with him even developed a dialogue, perhaps someone has attended his organized lecture or event – but in reality, we don’t know anything more about him.